Hurricane Delta makes landfall and may bring rain to central Indiana


11pm Update: Hurricane Delta came ashore around 6pm this evening near the town of Creole, Louisiana as a Category 2 storm packing 100 mph winds. The storm generated a 7-11 foot storm surge and will dump 5-10 inches of rain overnight. It is following nearly the same path Hurricane Laura took just six weeks ago, threatening 11 million Americans. This will cause major damage and catastrophic flooding. The storm will weaken rapidly as it move across the southeast and cause heavy rain all weekend.

Indianapolis has set a record for the longest dry spell in the city’s history. We have only had .12″ of rain in the past 52 days and our dry streak will continue for at least one more day. Expect a sunny, dry Saturday with a high near 80 degrees.

Remnants of the storm will spread into the Hoosier state and bring a few showers to the southern half of Indiana this weekend. We’ll have another chance for much-needed rainfall Monday and again on Thursday.

Hurricane Delta had made landfall.

The storm will cause heavy damage across Louisiana.

Gusty winds will move into the Mid-south this weekend.

Heavy rain will soak the southeast this weekend.

This is now the longest dry spell in Indianapolis history.

Our late-summer rainfall deficit has spread into fall.

Expect a dry Saturday.

We’ll have a chance for rain late Sunday.

Light rain will move across central Indiana early next week.

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