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How do we measure the start of fall?

That depends on who you ask. Mother nature may say when the leaves change. But my mother would say it’s whenever pumpkin spice lattes are available. If you ask a fabric store, fall started back in January. A meteorologist would say fall starts on September 1st. If you ask the Earth that has been spinning on its axis forever and ever–fall starts during the fall equinox.

We’re doing football forecasts: hello, fall!

If we’re doing Friday night football forecasts now, that might be plenty enough reason for some to call it fall! This Friday will be great football weather by the way. Partly cloudy skies across central Indiana with low temperatures in the mid 60s.

Check another fall favorite checks off the list

There are many ways we mark the start of fall: football season, back-to-school days, leaves changing, the fall equinox, and temperatures dropping. And if one if these items hasn’t happened yet, it’s about to. Today, we can check “temperatures dropping” off the list.

We’re now getting cooler and cooler until we hit the point in the year where the coolest average high temperatures take place. That would be 36 degrees from January 4th to January 26th.

Two weeks left of meteorological summer

Average high temperatures are dropping in Indianapolis–for now! For that reason, plus my personal favorite to believe the fall season is here is now just two weeks away. September 1st marks the start of meteorological fall.

We still average five more 90° days

From now until the end of the year, we still average five more 90° days. So while we can talk about fall being around the corner all we want, it’s not out of the question that hotter days are still ahead.