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Temperatures today reached the low 90’s with an official high of 93 degrees in Indianapolis! This ties our 3rd hottest day so far in the year. It was another dry day as well with no more than a brief shower or two across the entire state. Evening temperatures will remain in the 80’s until almost midnight.

Tomorrow will once again be more comfortable in either the morning or the evening before it gets too hot outside. One of the reasons we have been warming up so substantially is the amount of sun out there. We will receive our fair share of sunshine on Monday too, especially through the AM hours. A partly cloudy sky will take over in the afternoon as fair weather cumulus clouds pop up. Temperatures are expected to be in the 90s for a good portion of the afternoon with an uncomfortable amount of humidity too. It will be important to keep cool & hydrated if you plan on spending extended time outdoors. Rain is not expected to factor into our weather either, so remember to give the garden a good soaking! Another comfortable evening will follow.

The heat will be kept on blast as we head into the middle of the week as well. Tuesday will feature abundant sunshine once again. Temperatures will be aided by a light southerly flow of air as well. Humidity will remain at an uncomfortable level too. Highs will have a shot at reaching the mid 90’s and this could take the top spot for hottest day of 2021. If this does not occur on Tuesday (would need a high of 95), we may have an even better chance on Wednesday. More of the same weather is expected once again. The only thing that may damper the heat is an isolated shower or storm either day, but those chances are low.