Parts of the upper Midwest, including Indiana are seeing higher humidity levels than parts of Florida today. Many of our hometowns were able to reach dew points around 80°, which is oppressive humidity and rare for Indiana. This is the second time this has occurred if you recall what went down at the end of July.

Thanks to the expanded heat dome, there is a cluster of storms in Ohio that have a chance to move west toward eastern Indiana as the dome retracts slightly overnight. That’s the “ring of fire” phenomenon you’ve heard us mention several times. We’re monitoring the trends but portions of eastern Indiana may see some rain overnight and early Thursday AM. View the slideshow below to see details.

The expanded hot dome is not going anywhere yet with more dangerous heat and humidity on tap Thursday. There won’t be much relief even into tonight either with overnight lows in the 70s and dew points still oppressively muggy. Tomorrow, the Excessive Heat Warning continues and will include our northeastern counties, too. Heat indices will likely approach 105°-110° on a more widespread basis compared to today, with many spots seeing higher numbers.

Friday is where the forecast gets tricky thanks to an approaching cold front. Lots of uncertainty exists when it comes to forecasting the high temperatures for Friday because of the uncertainty of when a cold front will slide through. Current thinking is that it will be later in the day with Friday once again having heat index values getting near 100°. Then with a slight chance for storms late and overnight, the front will slide through and give us relief for the weekend.

Any storm could come with a gusty wind threat but this is a low threat right now. Regardless, I do think Friday is going to be the last scorcher with the dangerous heat and humidity before a change in flow occurs for the weekend. We’ll monitor the trends and update the forecast as needed. The northwest flow will return from Canada and give us cooler and drier air.

Futureview with storm potential late Friday-overnight to Saturday AM