Hot and humid weather continues across central Indiana


Dense fog is really limiting visibility this morning. The main concern is mainly outside of Indianapolis, though. Where the fog is limiting visibility under a half mile you will need to drive cautiously. Visibility that low can make it difficult or impossible to see other cars and stop signs. Fog will be a concern throughout the morning commute. It is a good sign of lots of sunshine for the rest of the day!

Temperatures are warm to start; mostly in the 70s. We will heat up quickly with temperatures hitting 80 by 10 a.m. and the low 90s this afternoon. With dew points still well into the 70s we will have a heat index maxing out close to a hundred. Take lots of breaks if you must be working outdoors today.

The Gulf Coast is bracing for impacts of their next hurricane. Hurricane Laura continues to strengthen as it feeds off the Gulf waters. This hurricane is likely going to be a Major Hurricane when it makes landfall Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The system will likely be at Category 3 or 4 strength which will cause catastrophic damage to those in the path. As the hurricane moves inland, it will weaken but bring rain to Tennessee and Kentucky beginning Friday.

In Central Indiana we will get a few showers as we head into the end of the week. Humidity will stay uncomfortably high until the weekend. Temperatures will drop back to reasonable and seasonable levels through the beginning of next week.

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