Hoarfrost spotted in Boone County Friday morning


Data pix.

A special sight in Boone County this morning: hoarfrost.

Hoarfrost forms when water vapor condenses directly into ice. So, you need the air to be well below freezing but you also need moisture and air that cold is very dry.

When you have a water source exposed to that cold air, say a lake or in this case a water trough, it can supply the moisture needed to form hoarfrost.

Our cold, clear morning today was just perfect for that setup. You can really see the interlocking crystals in this picture.

A similar phenomena is "rime" but this hoarfrost appears lighter and less dense than if it were rime. Really cool to see!

The horses were warm inside the barn when this picture was taken but even with a heater in the water, some froze to ice and then you see the hoarfrost forming as well.

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