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Wednesday will be a very active day of weather for central Indiana. Expect highs in the 70s with gusty winds throughout the day. We will have three rounds of rain and thunderstorms. The first round will come in the morning hours and heavy rain will be likely. If rain continues through the day the overcast skies will limit our severe weather potential.

If we have the predicted lull in the storms for a few hours through early afternoon. The amount of sunshine we see during that dry time, will add fuel to the atmosphere and help create stronger storms during the second wave of storms that will come in the afternoon.

Severe weather timing and possible damage

The strongest storms are expected after 5pm through Midnight. That will bring our greatest risk for severe storms. All threats of severe weather will be possible: damaging winds up to 70 mph, hail up to the size of golf balls, heavy rain, flooding, as well as tornadoes. This threat will continue long after sunset. That means you will not be able to see anything, so you will need more than one way to receive warnings. Do not rely on tornado sirens as they are designed to be heard when you are outside.

Up to an inch and a half of rain is likely by the time the storms will move out Thursday morning. For Thursday and Friday highs will be in the 60s with sunny skies.

Saturday and Sunday will feature cooler temperatures in the 50s with mostly cloudy skies and a chance for scattered showers.

Central Indiana will have an enhanced risk for severe storms Wednesday.

Winds will be gusty Wednesday afternoon.

Damaging straight-line winds and tornadoes will be possible late Wednesday. Make sure you have a tornado safety plan. Heavy rain is likely through Thursday morning.