INDIANAPOLIS – Good Tuesday morning! We are starting off this morning warmer. We have a hot day on tap with those feel-like temperatures in the triple digits today. 

Another hot day for Tuesday

Temperatures will top off in the middle 90s today with plenty of sunshine. Feel-like temperatures will be between 100-102 this afternoon. No heat advisory for central Indiana today, but our friends in northern Indiana do have one for the afternoon hours.

Today is also the first official day of Summer! Summer started at 5:13 a.m. Tuesday morning. We will have almost 15 hours of sunlight making it the longest day of the year!

Overnight lows will drop into the lower 70s with mostly starry skies.

Air Quality Action Day for central Indiana

An Air Quality Action Day has been declared for Tuesday.

Air Quality Action Day means that a combination of the high temperatures, light winds, and other factors, are expected to produce conditions where high levels of ozone emissions may exceed federally mandated standards.

Here are some recommended actions that the public can take to reduce ozone-forming emissions:

  • Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation.
  • Avoid using the drive-thru and combine errands into one trip.
  • Avoid refueling your vehicle or using gasoline-powered lawn equipment until after 7 p.m.
  • Turn off your engine when idling for more than 30 seconds.
  • Conserve energy by turning off lights or setting the air conditioner to 75 degrees or above.

If you have trouble breathing, it is recommended that you stay indoors.

Heat continues into this week 

Wednesday, we do it again. Temperatures will top off in the middle and upper 90s with feel-like temperatures in the triple digits. 

Wednesday also features a chance of a stronger afternoon storm, mainly along and south of I-70. Not everyone will see rain and it will not be a washout day.

Extreme heat safety 

When temperatures get this high with feel-like temperatures in the triple digits, it is important to know extreme heat safety for both people and pets. 

Knowing the signs and differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke is very helpful during extreme heat.

When will we see some relief? 

By Thursday, temperatures will still top off in the upper 80s and lower 90s but we get brief relief from the humidity that day. By Friday and into the weekend, the humidity returns, and the 90s stick around.

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