We finally made it to Friday! It’s going to be another hot and sunny day on tap. The humidity out the door Friday morning has risen into the mid and upper 60s. So, it’s a little sticky outside again. However, another wind shift out of the northwest late this morning will push the humidity back down to more comfortable levels. Just like Thursday, it will still be hot. Temperatures this afternoon will rise back to the low 90s, making this the 16th 90° day for Indianapolis.

It will be another bright day but there won’t be as much sunshine as we had on Thursday. A weak disturbance is traveling through the region and it will through some additional clouds our way. However, the UV Index will still remain high. Sunburn can occur in 15 minutes or less today without any protection on your skin.

Winds shift again out of the southwest tonight and this air mass will be driving our humidity levels back up for the weekend. A few showers could even develop in the area by early Saturday morning. Any rain that does develop won’t last long. There will be a lot of dry time tomorrow. Sunny skies along with hot and humid conditions will be the primary impacts for Saturday. Heat indices by the afternoon Saturday will be near or above 100°. We carry the heat and humidity over the Sunday too. However, more cloud cover building in during the afternoon will keep temperatures a couple degrees cooler than they were on Saturday.

A cold front will travel over the state late Saturday evening. Scattered showers and storms will develop out ahead of it. A couple strong to severe thunderstorms can’t be completely ruled out either. Be sure to check back for updates on a potential severe weather threat to close the weekend. This front will bring us a welcomed cooldown as well as we drop back to seasonal temperatures to start next week.