Heat pours in; weekend storm chances


Gorgeous summer morning across central Indiana! We’re in the upper 60s and low 70s this morning and heating up quickly. That sunshine is going to bump our temperatures up to 80 between 9 and 10 o’clock. If you want to take lunch outdoors, you’ll need shade!

We’ll hit a high of 90 this afternoon. Plenty of sunshine start to finish. Expect it to stay rather warm even after sunset; temperatures will stay in the 80s until midnight! We’ll stay dry all of Friday so enjoy it!

If you do have any yard work you want to get done this weekend you’ll have to be up with the sun. It’s going to heat up fast. Both Saturday and Sunday we’ll climb to the 80s by 10am. Additionally, we’ll have an isolated storm chance both late afternoons so be prepared to have to run inside. None of the rain will be long lived or widespread but could produce some quick, heavy downpours.

Rain chances taper off after sunset so we should be rain-free by fireworks time. The heat will stick around so expect the 80s for the whole evening.

The humidity will be noticeably higher next week. We’ll get heat index values over a hundred multiple days in a row. That is considered dangerous heat so be patient with your body and take lots of breaks. Also, check in on your neighbors to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy through this.

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