Frigid cold blast for Valentine's Day

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Arctic cold is pouring into Indiana today. The northern Plains have had wind chills of -40 in the last 24 hours.  While we won't get quite to that level, Frankfort had a reading of a wind chill of -20 this morning.  This cold is extreme and dangerous, so limit your outdoor time.  The lows this morning are the coldest we've had since March 4, 2019.  We have dozens of schools on a 2-hour delay, which is a good plan because wind chills will be below zero until about lunchtime.  Stay safe!

The countdown to spring continues, but it's still a month away so we just have to bundle up.  Cover as much skin as possible today because temperatures will struggle to even get into the 20s today.  Average highs should be hitting 40 this time of the year.

Back down to a frigid low of 10 degrees tonight with single-digit wind chills.  If you've got plans for Valentine's Day, bundle up head to toe!  Maybe bring your Valentine a hot cup of coffee?

Temperatures will still be cold this weekend but they will improve.  Sunday will be back to average and we should hit 50 on Monday, but that'll come with rain that evening.  Temperature roller coaster drops again Tuesday night.

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