INDIANAPOLIS – Ready for the cold blast? Temperatures drop below freezing in our latest forecast!

Sunday at a glance

One more mild day before a big cool down

Enjoy mild temperatures in the low to mid 60s on Sunday. Because right at the top of the week, cold air rushes in and will chill down Indiana to below freezing temperatures in some cases!

Breezy week ahead

Winds have been gusting 20-40 mph across the state, and we will continue to see strong winds push in cold air as we start the week off as well.

Abnormally dry conditions

Much of the Hoosier state is still facing abnormally dry conditions. We’re coming off of a historically dry summer, and this October isn’t doing much to help. We’re close to an inch and a half below normal on monthly rainfall totals in Indianapolis.

Freezing temperatures in the 7-day forecast