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What a weekend! We wanted rain and we sure got it. Eagle Creek reported more than an inch and a half of rain over the course of the weekend with close to that in Shelbyville. At my home in Boone County I got more than 2″ over the weekend.

Foggy this morning since our sky cleared out overnight and our dew point depressions were minimal. A couple more storms are possible today, but we won’t see anything as widespread or long lived like we had over the weekend. Additionally, heat indices will be in the 90s, so take it easy as your body adjusts to the summer heat.

A few more storms are possible tonight with additional rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you add all that up, our three-day rain totals will mainly be between a half inch and full inch of rain.

We should get a little quieter by the end of the week but the heat will build. We’re looking at our first official heatwave of 2020 for the 4th of July weekend.