Foggy morning; next cold front nears


Dense fog is making driving a little extra difficult this morning. The spooky fog is very patchy but where we have it, it can be very dense. We’ve seen visibility under a half mile in many spots. That’s the kind of fog that can make intersections and stop signs really sneak up on you.

Be extra cautious as kids are also going to be heading to school. Focus on driving. Nothing else is more important when you are behind the wheel.

A little chilly this morning as we wake up in the 50s. We’re back behind a warm front, though, so we will warm just beautifully this afternoon. Highs will be some 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. The sun doesn’t rise until after 8 a.m. but it should be bright to start the day out.

We’ll be breezy at times today but it will likely be the last good day for taking fall photos, if you’d like. Winds could gust up to 20 mph so leaves will be falling off of trees throughout the day.

A cold front will slide through Indiana on Friday afternoon. That’ll push more clouds in first and then will return scattered rain to the area. Temperatures will drop quickly after the passage of the cold front.

We’ll be back below average for highs with the weekend forecast. Some of us will only have highs in the 50s on Saturday. More rain returns to the forecast for Sunday and many active parts to the forecast for next week.

Most of us will only get about a tenth of an inch of rain on Friday. Some storms could produce downpours that will accumulate higher totals.

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