Finally some rain; cooler air spilling in around central Indiana


We have a more than two and a half inch deficit for rainfall this month. We’re going to get some much-needed rain today but it really won’t make a dent in that deficit. We’ll only get up to a tenth of an inch of rain Monday and mainly it’ll just be scattered light showers.

Isolated downpours could help us get to the higher end of the rain forecast. Take along your umbrella Monday! Rain will be scattered through lunchtime with only isolated additional showers through dinnertime.

A cold front moving through this morning is shifting our wind to the north. That’ll allow much cooler air to pump into Indiana so we’ll feel a big drop in temps. Over the weekend highs were near 80 but we’ll actually just be in the 50s this afternoon.

Our normal diurnal cycle brings the coolest part of the day around 6 a.m. and the warmest point around 3 p.m. Since the cold front is moving through, though, we actually had our warmest point of the day before the sun even began to rise. In fact, we’ll spend the morning dropping through the 60s and then the afternoon in the chilly and damp 50s.

Tomorrow will look a little prettier as rain chances dissapear. That being said, it’ll feel cool! Jackets will be needed most of the day since highs won’t even get to 70. Our normal high is 72 degrees but Tuesday will peak at 64.

By the end of the week things could get a little frosty. No hard freeze in the forecast yet but Friday morning will be the coldest we’ve been since the beginning of May!

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