INDIANAPOLIS – Snow continues to fall across Central Indiana this Thursday evening, but it is just the start of what will be a dangerous start to Friday.

End of snow, not end of storm

As of late Thursday evening, snow will already begin to slow down across Central Indiana. Light snowfall will still persist beyond midnight, but should not accumulate much beyond what is already on the ground. The focus will soon turn to the level of cold we are facing outside, as this is the greatest threat of the storm.

Bitter cold becomes a danger by Friday

Indianapolis is set to face the coldest weather it has seen in years with low temperatures dropping below zero. High wind will make for a dangerous combo. The coldest weather we face will be on Friday morning as low temperatures fall to 0-5 degrees below zero. With strong wind factored in, feels-like temperatures may be as low as 30-35 degrees below zero. At this rate, it would take 15 minutes or less to get frostbite on exposed skin. Our high wind chill for the day may not be more than 20-25 degrees below zero…

Wind keeps things messy

Though snow is not expected to fall beyond early Friday morning, the wind will be sure to blow it around and create a mess. Roads are already icy thanks to the flash freeze upon arrival of the front and snow blowing back across roadways will not help. Peak gusts are expected to reach 50-55mph during the day.

The next time it may be safe to head out the door will be Saturday.