INDIANAPOLIS – Gusty winds and temperatures well below freezing as we wrap the month of November.

50 degree wind chill swing!

The high temperature for Wednesday will go down in the books as 60° even though we haven’t been out of the mid 30s since daybreak! This is a result of a warm air mass that kept us in the low 60s until around 1am. At this point, a strong cold front swept the state from west to east and plummeted temperatures to the upper 20s by sunrise. The feels-like temperatures dropped a full 50° in just 8 hours overnight! Those feels like temps were in the 7-17 degree range this morning.

A short-lived chill

Temperatures throughout your Wednesday have remained in the 30s with feels like temps 10-15 degrees colder. Luckily, the wind will lighten a bit tonight, but temps will drop even more with lows in the 18-22 range. The sky will remain mostly clear through your Thursday and this will ease the cold just a bit. Highs will have a shot at reaching the upper 30s as a result too. One again though, the wind will return in the daytime and it will feel another 10 degrees colder.

Indianapolis 7 day forecast

A southerly wind will begin to warm us up again ahead of Friday. We’ll see high temperatures climb back into the low 50s during the day. This is expected even with a mostly cloudy sky. Our next chance for rain will come during the evening and overnight.