Comfortable Tuesday before heat and humidity surge

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Get out an enjoy Tuesday as it will likely be the best weather day of the week. That’s if you enjoy sunshine, slightly lower humidity and near normal temperatures.

Forecast high temperatures Monday.

A cold front will sweep through central Indiana Monday night taking away any chance for rain Tuesday. Usually winds will shift around to the northwest behind cold fronts. That will not be the case with this front. Winds will briefly shift to the west before turning back out of the southwest and south by Tuesday afternoon. Winds will gust 20+ mph at times.

Forecast UV Index at noon Tuesday.

It will be a great day for kids to get outside, perhaps enjoying time at the pool. Be sure to lather them up with sunscreen! The UV Index is forecast to be an 8 at noon Tuesday according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That means you can burn in as little as 23-minutes without at least SPF 15 sunscreen.


Heat and humidity will begin to climb starting Wednesday. High temperatures will be in the middle to upper 80°s through the end of the week. (Some locales could reach 90°.)

Humidity will make it feel even warmer. Dew points are projected to climb into the lower 70°s midweek through the weekend.

This is air we haven’t dealt with this year. To date, the highest Indianapolis has reached this year is 87° (May 24 and June 5). The Circle City has only spent two hours this year with a heat index of at least 90°. The highest the city has reached is 91° at 2 p.m. June 5.

Forecast peak heat index

When you factor in the heat and the humidity you get the heat index, or some call it the “feels like” temperature. The heat index is forecast to climb in to the lower to middle 90°s starting Thursday and continue through at least the weekend.

Usually, we would have had several days where the heat index has reached 90° so far. Since that isn’t the case this year our bodies have not had a change to acclimate to this type of weather. Be sure to start hydrating today and tomorrow so it will be easier for your body later this week.

WEATHER FACTOID: Indianapolis averages 6 days where the heat index has reached at least 90° through June 24 since 1999.

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