Coldest night in 5 months; Next weather system brings ups and downs end of week

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I’ve been able to finally determine that Mother Nature is an Indianapolis Colts fan.  Did you see the blue skies this afternoon?  She had to  be celebrating Sunday night’s victory over the Kansas City Chiefs with a “Blue Sky” Monday.

It is those clear skies, along with dry air, that will allow temperatures to drop to levels not felt in five months.  Keep the windows closed tonight, and you may even need an extra blanket while sleeping as temperatures should bottom out in the lower to middle 40°s.

Forecast low temperature Tuesday morning.
Forecast low temperature Tuesday morning.

Skies will remain 100% sunny throughout the day Tuesday and with dry air temperatures will quickly rise through the morning and early afternoon.  I think we will top out in the lower 70°s by late afternoon.

Forecast high temperature Tuesday.


I’m keeping an eye on a piece of energy that is moving out of the Gulf of Alaska and heading towards the west coast of Canada.  Long range computer models suggest it will develop in to an upper-level low by Wednesday evening.  The low is forecast to move east through the Rocky Mountains and over the northern Plains.

A surface low and cold front is projected to develop and sweep through the central United States.  Ahead of the cold front, temperatures should surge in to the upper 70°s and lower 80°s in central Indiana Friday.  There continues to be some question as to how warm we get due to expected cloud cover.

Computer model projection of radar/satellite imagery Friday afternoon.

Rain is expected to develop ahead and along the cold front.  On the backside of the system you can see colder air coming down to the Dakotas and interacting with the moisture, producing snow in the image above.  That should give you an idea of what is coming with this system.  No, not snow but instead colder air.

It appears that rain will enter the Hoosier state Friday night and move out Saturday morning.  As the cold front passes, winds will increase turning westerly and ushers in the colder air.  Officially, Saturday could go in the books with a high in the mid-70°s but in reality that happens around midnight.  Temperatures will keep dropping through the early morning, eventually bottoming out in the low 50°s.

It appears drier winds out of the southwest will establish and help clear skies out – a dry slot.  If this is the case, skies should brighten by afternoon and temperatures get back to the 60°s.

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