Colder Wednesday; lots of rain to come

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Cold start to our Wednesday morning with a wind chill factor making it feel like we're in the 20s.  Coats and gloves recommended this morning.  The good news is that no wet weather is expected today so driving conditions will be good. We'll be mainly sunny today but temperatures will be noticeably cooler this afternoon.  Tuesday managed to climb to 47° which is more than ten degrees above average.  Today, though, temperatures return to a more January-like point, stopping right at the average high of 35. We're enjoying quiet, dry weather today and most of tomorrow but tracking a lot of activity ahead.  A couple of showers are possible Thursday evening but totals before midnight are minimal. The bulk of the rain will fall between Friday and Saturday.  We are still expecting an impressive level of 2-4 plus inches across much of the area.  With much of our soil already saturated, we'll definitely be concerned about minor flooding in the next couple of days.  If we manage to be on the higher end of this rainfall forecast, major flooding is certainly possible.  Anyone in flood prone areas need to monitor forecasts closely the next few days. Most of Thursday will be dry and windy.  The wind will be strong, gusts up to 40mph, that will be pumping in the warmer air and allowing us to climb well up over average and hitting the low 50s by the afternoon.  The warmer air will be a supportive environment for rising moisture levels and then a lot of rain. Very much above average temperatures continue through our active weather period.  We'll quiet down on Sunday, allowing a few days for some recovery.

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