Colder air sliding into Central Indiana


Chilly on this clear October morning! Lows have dipped to the 40s with Crawfordsville tapping the upper 30s. You’ll certainly want a jacket. The nearly full moon is brightening up the morning sky. The sun doesn’t rise until 7:41 this morning so check out the moon if you can. We will have a Full Moon this evening and only a partly cloudy sky should allow for viewing of that.

We’re losing a solid ten degrees today. Highs will only barely climb to the low 60s into the afternoon. We’ll also have spotty showers and a bit of a breeze so expect it to feel much less comfortable compared to what we experienced on Wednesday. Normal highs for this time of year are still in the low 70s so we should really be a bit warmer.

We’ll get under a tenth of an inch of rain from the isolated showers in the forecast for this afternoon. A few more showers are possible on Sunday but even with that we’re staying under a quarter inch of new rain. Indianapolis rounded out the month of September with a nearly three inch rainfall deficit.

Saturday morning will be the coldest we’ve been since the beginning of May! If you haven’t turned on the heat yet that may be your tipping point. A cold rain is possible for Sunday but then a dry and improving forecast for the start of next week. Stay warm and stay safe!

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