Chilly mornings with beautiful afternoons; coldest air since May


Good morning, gorgeous! Refreshingly cool to start off our Monday. It’s some 10+ degrees cooler than it was yesterday morning so you’ll want a sweater until at least 10 a.m. The humidity level is very high right now but it sure won’t feel humid.

The dew point gives a much more accurate description of how it’ll feel today. That dew point is back below the 60° muggy mark so actually a rather dry air mass in place so a very comfortable day is ahead. The dew point won’t move much over the next week. That’ll keep us comfortable and mostly rain-free.

We have a minor rain chance both Wednesday and Thursday but the forecast is not showing anything impressive at that time unless Tropical Depression Sally manages to get more north toward us.

Temperatures look great the next few days. We will get cooler and more Fall-like by Friday and certainly into the weekend. Lots of sunshine is expected but Saturday and Sunday mornings will actually be the coldest we’ve been since four months ago! I think it’s time to get some pumpkins and apple donuts.

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