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We are dry but cold for this Friday morning. Temperatures across the weekend are some ten degrees colder than they were on Thursday morning. The sun doesn’t rise until the 8 o’clock hour and we’ll start with some clouds in the sky. Those clouds will thing as we get past lunchtime so expect more sunshine as the day goes on.

We’ll be chilly this evening; dropping to the 30s around sunset.

Overnight lows will bottom out close to freezing, so frost is certainly possible. That’ll make for a cold Halloween morning but the afternoon looks rather nice. About a third of our Halloweens have some sort of measurable precipitation but this year will not be one of them. We will have a full moon so quite an epic outlook for Halloween 2020.

A cold front will roll in on Sunday morning. That’ll drop our temperatures quickly and leave us cold for both Sunday and Monday. We’ll start to recover Tuesday and warm through at least mid-week.