11pm Update:

Large hail, damaging straight-line winds and isolated tornadoes will be possible across central Indiana Wednesday afternoon.

As a warm front rises northward a risk for severe storms will develop across the southern half of central Indiana. More than one way to receive weather warnings may become necessary. Now is a good time for everyone to review their severe weather safety plan. Up to a half-inch of rain is likely.

Sunny skies will return Thursday with highs in the 70s and another chance for rain and thunderstorms will come Friday.

Scattered thunderstorms will develop Wednesday afternoon.

Severe storms are possible Wednesday afternoon and up to a half-inch of rain is likely.

With monthly precipitation almost an inch below average, June has been a dry month so far.

After a slow start due to wet weather, farmers have made great progress to start the growing season.

June has been a mild month so far and temperatures will be below average for the next four days.

Relative humidity will in the comfort zone through the weekend.