Break in humidity coming to central Indiana

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“It isn’t the heat. It is the humidity.”  It has been said for over a century and there is a lot of truth to it.  Humidity can make a significant impact to what it feels like during the summer.  While a dry heat can still be hot, humid heat can make it oppressive.

The best way to gauge the humidity is by looking at the dew point temperature.  Basically, it is the measure of the moisture in the air at the surface.  When dew point temperatures reach 60° it begins to feel uncomfortable.  When the dew point temperature reaches the upper 60°s through the 70°s it becomes very uncomfortable, or as I like to call it “muggly”.

We have definitely been in “muggly” territory over the previous 10-11 days.

A cold front passed through central Indiana early Sunday morning.  The front turned winds out of the north, slightly dropped the air temperature, and slightly dropped the dew point temperature.  Dew points were in the lower to upper 70°s Saturday afternoon.  This afternoon dew points ranged from the upper 60°s to middle 70°s.

Moisture in the air at the surface will continue to drop for the start of the work week.  Computer models projected dew points dropping in to the upper 50°s to near 60° Monday.  This should allow it to feel much nicer around central Indiana.

Forecast dew point temperature

The lower dew point Monday night and Tuesday morning should allow air temperatures to drop in to the low 60°s.  It might even be a night where you could open up your windows.

The break from lower humidity will be brief.  As moisture streams back in to the state, dew point temperatures will climb in the upper 60°s Tuesday.  Combined with slightly warmer temperatures, it will make it feel like temperatures (the heat index) in the upper 80°s.

Forecast peak heat index in Indianapolis.

Temperatures will continue to climb mid-week with high temperatures topping out near 90° Wednesday.  With even higher dew point temperatures (in the lower 70°s) heat index values will climb to the middle/upper 90°s.

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