INDIANAPOLIS – All sunshine all day long makes for perfect Father’s Day weather in Indiana! After we wrap this weekend up, however, it’s back to the heat for the first week of summer!

Father’s Day planner

3 record-breaking weather days

Last week, we ended up breaking three consecutive record *warm* low temperatures! 2022 officially takes over for June 14th, 15th, and 16th. For perspective, these low temperatures would be very normal and believable *high* temperatures for this time of year! (80 degrees)

Another day with lower humidity!

It feels great outside, and that comfy feel to the air will stick with us through Sunday. You can thank the low dewpoint temperatures for that! With dew points dropping into the upper 30s, we’ve completely wiped out the heat index here at home. It won’t return until summer officially starts.

Before potential for a second heat wave arrives

The comfortable weather doesn’t last too long. Another upper level ridge sets up over Indiana at the start of the week that will take our air temperatures right back up into the low to mid 90s!

Indianapolis 7-day forecast