Snow showers greeted many out the door Tuesday morning. While there was some accumulations on grassy and elevated surfaces, most of the snow melted on contact, as surface temperatures were above freezing. Fitting with the snowfall this morning, today marks the earliest recorded date of measurable snowfall in Indianapolis. We picked up 0.2″ in 1989 on October 18th.

Skies will clear tonight and low temperatures will again fall below freezing so another freeze warning has been issued for central Indiana from 1am to 10am Wednesday. We’ll have sunny skies and highs in the 50s Wednesday afternoon and lows will fall below freezing again, so a freeze warning will likely be issued for Thursday morning.

Sunny skies will keep our warming trend going with highs in the 60s Friday and in the 70s this weekend. This has been a dry month with only .09″ of precipitation. Our deficit for the month is approaching 2″ below average and there is no rain in the forecast until early next week.

A Freeze Warning is in effect for Wednesday morning and lows will stay near freezing Thursday.

This has been a cool month and now a warming trend is on the way.

We have only had three wet days this month and fall is off to a dry start.