INDIANAPOLIS – The dry, comfy, and sunny weather continues here in Indiana!

Easter Sunday Forecast

Weather in April can be quite volatile, but we’ve caught a nice break this Saturday with bright blue skies and mild temps. We’ll cool off rather quickly heading into Sunday morning thanks to the clear, dry, and quiet conditions. Much of the state will begin the day in the 35-40 degree range. The same conditions will allow us to warm rapidly after sunrise though, so by lunchtime we’ll be enjoying temps approaching 60. Clear skies may be lined by thin cirrus clouds later in the afternoon, but that will not be enough to stop us from reaching the mid 60s statewide. Temps will drop quickly once again after sunset with comfortable conditions still in place.

Great weather week ahead

The weather will have a difficult time topping what is in store for us this week. Dry, sunny conditions, warm temperatures, and a comfortable afternoon breeze across most days. A weak wave of energy will brush the state on Monday, which will produce partly cloudy skies, but this may be as cloudy as it gets until Friday! Temps will be in the upper 60s all the while, and a warm southwesterly flow will be increasing.

Indianapolis 7-day forecast

Tuesday through Thursday will each be equally gorgeous days with highs in the 70s. Each day will build off its predecessor slightly as temps climb a few degrees each day. Like the days leading up, temps will be cool in the morning as we swing 25-30 degrees within the course of each day. That’s the product of dry air. The sun will be out each of these days too with very little cloud cover at all.