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Tracking upper-level energy over the Pacific Ocean Wednesday evening.  This energy will pass over southwestern Canada.  Computer models suggest this will help develop a quick moving weather system, often refereed to as an “Alberta Clipper”, that is projected to pass through the Midwest for the start of the weekend.

Upper-level energy is passing over the Pacific Ocean.
Upper-level energy is passing over the Pacific Ocean.

Questions remain concerning the exact timing and path of the system.  As of Wednesday morning’s computer model runs, it looks to track from Wisconsin/Michigan through northern Indiana and in to Ohio.  Even a slight difference in the path could make a big change to who gets precipitation.

Computer model projection of radar/satellite imagery.

Temperatures should be able to climb in to the 40°s Saturday.  With temperatures that warm, rain appears to be the main threat during the day.  Once the clipper passes, temperatures will fall Saturday evening.  If there is any moisture left over, there could be a period of snow Saturday night/Sunday morning.


Hoosiers are in need of some Vitamin-D after the cloudy stretch we have been in.  It looks like Sunday should be a much nicer day, albeit it breezy.  Sunshine returns and temperatures quickly climb out of the 20°s and 30°s, eventually topping out in the middle 50°s.

However, there is a trade-off.  Sunday is Ground Hog Day. Does the groundhog see its shadow in the morning?  If so, we get 6 more weeks of winter.  Stay tuned…