A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect overnight for parts of central Indiana


After a slow start to snow season, each of the past four days has brought measurable snow to central Indiana. Our streak of snowy weather will continue through Tuesday morning. A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect south of I-70 from 7 p.m. Monday through 7 a.m. Tuesday. A 1-2″ band of snow is expected overnight. Temperatures will fall into the 20s overnight, and icy roads are likely for the morning rush hour.

Indianapolis has received two 1″ snows so far this winter. We have had 5.4″ of snow, which is 7.2″ below average.

We’ve had light snow for the past four days.

More snow is expected overnight.

Light snow will fall mainly south of I-70 overnight.

Light snow will continue through 2 a.m.

Light snow will continue through 4 a.m.

We’ve had two 1″ snows this season.

Our seasonal snow is still well below average.

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