To paraphrase poet Thomas Wood: No sun, no warmth, November. The 30-day temperature outlook for the month is calling for temperatures to be near average. The average high temperature for today is 58° and will fall to 46° by the 30th. Near the end of the month, our average low temperature will fall below freezing. We also lose 54 minutes of daylight over the course of the month. The 30-day precipitation outlook for the month is predicting below average precipitation. We average 3.45″ of precipitation and .8″ of snow during the month.

We started the month Wednesday with high temperatures in the 40s. We’ll have sunny skies and gusty southwesterly winds Thursday as a warm front moves north of the state. This will lead to temperatures moderating in the 50s Thursday afternoon. Our jet stream is flattening out and retreating north over the coming days. This will lead to milder air moving back in. Temperatures will be gradually warming through the rest of the week and into the weekend. Temperatures will be back into the low and mid 60s Saturday and Sunday.

This has been a dry fall with only 4.07″ of rain since September 1st, 2.41″ below average. We will stay dry this week with our next chance for rain come late Sunday through early next week. Speaking of Sunday, we turn our clocks back one hour Sunday morning as the nation shifts from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time.

Thursday will be a cool, windy day.

Temperatures will warm up this week.

This has been a dry fall so far.

We turn our clocks back one hour this weekend.