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After two consecutive ways with highs in the mid-90s, central Indiana saw milder weather Thursday afternoon. Highs were in the 80s and dewpoints were in the 50s so we didn’t oppressive humidity and heat index values stayed below 90°. We’ll have one more day of dry heat, with highs in the 80s Friday, before the humidity spikes Saturday ahead of a cold front.

The cold front will move into the state Sunday and scattered strong storms will be likely Sunday afternoon through the evening. Up to a half-inch of rain is likely Sunday.

June has been a hot month with temperatures 2.9° above average. This has also been a dry month with rainfall more than two inches below average. The recent heat wave, coupled with lower than normal precipitation, has produced conditions ripe for what’s known as a “flash drought” across Indiana. Abnormally dry conditions have now spread across the northern half of central Indiana and moderate drought is developing across western Indiana.

The good new for Indiana, most of the crops have been planted. The not so good news, current soil moisture surplus is down to 7%. The 7-day outlook shows odds leaning toward a continued dry spell and that will allow drought conditions to continue to spread across the state.

We have had 11 completely dry weekends this year.

After a brief cool down, the heat and humidity will return this weekend.

Highs will be in the 80s Friday.

June precipitation is well below average and drought is rapidly spreading across the state.

Not much rain is in the forecast for the next seven days.