A steamy weather pattern continues for central Indiana this week


A warm weather pattern will be in place across the lowers 48 states for the next three days. The Omega Block pattern features low pressure over the western U.S., high pressure extending through the Great Plains,and low pressure over the eastern US. We call this an Omega Block because it looks like the Greek letter omega.

Expect a more warm, humid weather. High temperatures will stay in the-80s Wednesday and Thursday with the humidity making it feel warmer. We will see a daily chance for rain, mainly afternoon and evening scattered thunderstorms. We’ll have more widespread thunderstorms Friday with highs in the 70s.

The Omega Block pattern will break down this weekend and allow cooler, drier air to settle in.

We have had almost six inches of rain this month.

Scattered showers and thunderstorm are likely for the next three days.

May has been a cool month.

Temperatures have been warming up this week.

This has been a good Spring for farmers.

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