Scorching temperatures on tap this week in central Indiana


We’re in for another very hot and humid day. If we hit 90° on Monday, then we’ll be considered in a heat wave. The last two afternoons have hit that threshold and Sunday tied for the second hottest day of the year, so far, at 93° in Indianapolis. It will be considered a heat wave when three consecutive 90°+ days occur. We should have no problem meeting that criteria this afternoon. With the sun up, temperatures are going to be rising quickly and peaking in the low to mid 90s today.

Along with a water bottle, be sure to take the sunglasses and sunblock with you. The UV index will be high today and sunburn can occur in as little as 20 minutes.

The heat isn’t going to be the only impact across the area. High levels of weed pollen related to ragweed and nettle are in the air and could be troublesome to those who suffer from allergies.

We need the rain! Unfortunately, our rain chances this week aren’t great. Yes, they are in the forecast and parts of the central Indiana will see rain throughout the week, but the showers will be very hit and miss in nature. The rain we do see this week will be primarily driven by the heat of the day and occur in the afternoon.

If you’re trying to keep your lawn green or garden alive, keep the sprinkler going. Since July 18th, Indianapolis has only measured 0.37″ of rain. That’s the driest for the dates on record. Indianapolis in the month of August is running nearly 2″ behind the amount of rainfall we should have seen by this time in the month. The U.S. Drought Monitor indicates that abnormally dry conditions are expanding across the state.

Overall, it’s going to be a real scorcher this week. A high of 95° on Wednesday would be the warmest for Indianapolis since May 2018.

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