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Indianapolis has had either rain of snow for the past six consecutive weekends, so this has been an active season for precipitation. Unfortunately temperatures have been warm enough that we have mainly been dealing with rain. January has been a wet month with over an inch of precipitation but snow has been virtually non-existent. We received .3″ of snow Saturday morning to bring our seasonal total to .8″, which is 11.5″ below average. There is no major chance for snow this week so our snow drought will continue into the weekend.

While snow has been scarce across the Ohio Valley, it’s been a much different story down south. The southern branch of the jet stream has been very active and has brought frequent snows. Cities in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee have all had more snow than Indianapolis, even through we average more snow that they do.

A warm front will lift north of the state Tuesday and bring a break from the cold air. Expect a sunny, breezy day with highs in the 40s. The break will not last long as a cold front will move across the state Wednesday. The front doesn’t have much moisture to work with, so we’ll just have clouds with the best chance for any rain or snow staying south of central Indiana. Temperature will fall during the day Wednesday and we’ll stay dry and cold through the weekend with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens.

Indianapolis has had either rain of snow for the past six consecutive weekends.

So far this has been a wet month.

Our first snow of the month came this past weekend.

We’ve not had much snow this season.

While Indianapolis has been dry, snow has been plentiful across the southern states.

Temperatures will cool down later this week.