It’s been a very noisy start to Wednesday morning with downpours and frequent lightning in central Indiana. All storms this morning have been non-severe but the heavy rain and lightning pose their own threats. Be prepared to take it slow as you’re heading out. This amount of rain coming down so quickly could lead to flooding along with visibility issues.

It’s hard to believe some schools in the area are already heading back today! Be sure to have the kids equipped with the rain gear for the morning bus stop. Rain coverage will be much lighter this afternoon, however, a few spotty showers and storms are possible.

While the rain threat this afternoon is much lower, unfortunately, it still comes with the risk for a few strong to severe thunderstorms. Any breaks in cloud cover we have this afternoon will help destabilize the atmosphere, which could lead to a few storms posing a strong to damaging wind threat. The best dynamics for this to occur is over the southern third of the state.

We remain unsettled for one more day before a cold front slides through early Friday and brings a fantastic stretch of dry, bright and less humid conditions. If you don’t have outdoor plans for the weekend, I recommend making them now. That pleasant pattern won’t be in place for long. We turn more active again by early next week and long-range guidance is heavily leaning to a comeback of 90°. The 8-14 day outlook giving a likelihood for above average temperatures to be around the first week of August.