Central Indiana has had a sunny, dry start to summer. Our seasonal rainfall deficit is not almost five inches below average and moderate drought has spread across a large area of the state. A year to year comparison of crop conditions show that corn and soybeans not fairing as well and they were at this time last year due to our lack of precipitation.

Another cold front will move across Indiana Wednesday. This system will have less moisture to deal with, so we’ll only see a slight chance for rain as the front passes. The second cold front will reinforce the drier air and keep temperatures and the humidity comfortable for the rest of the week. We’ll have another long stretch of dry weather this week. We’ll stay dry Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a chance for scattered thunderstorms Sunday.

So far this has been a sunny month.

Drought has spread across Indiana an crops are beginning to show signs of strain.

We have 12, 90° days so far.

After another long dry spell, we’ll have a daily chance for rain starting Sunday.