A great finish to the weekend


What a start to the last weekend of summer! Temperatures early Saturday morning fell into the mid 30s for many across central Indiana. Indianapolis dropped to 45°, making this the coolest morning since May 13th.

Once again, like Friday, much of the area didn’t even break into the 70s during the afternoon. These temperatures are more typical of early October. We’re feeling air that is about two and a half weeks ahead of schedule.

By early Saturday morning, temperatures will be back in the mid 40s for most of central Indiana, but some areas, especially our northern counties could drop into the upper 30s.

The weekend finishes off fantastic and we’re in a warming trend from here. By the first day of Autumn, on Tuesday, we’ll be back to seasonal temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. We’re waiting on the rain though. As of now, our next best chance for some showers comes Saturday evening.

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