April has been a chilly month so far with temperatures more than 2° below average. A Frost Advisory, and a Freeze Warning north of Kokomo, are in effect from 2am until 10am Wednesday morning. Skies will remain clear overnight and the combination of clear skies, light winds and cool air will allow temperatures to fall into the 30s overnight.

Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have near-record morning lows, with cool afternoon highs in the 60s. This will be a mainly dry week. After a sunny Wednesday, we’ll have a few more clouds Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will stay below average all week long.

A warm front will approach the state Saturday and bring showers throughout the day. Highs will be in the 60s Saturday and warmer air will move in Sunday with highs nudging into the 70s for the first day of May.

This has been a cool month.

A Frost Advisory and a Freeze Warning are in effect Wednesday morning.

Lows will fall into the 30s overnight.

We are still not past the average date of last frost.

We’ll have near record lows Wednesday and Thursday.