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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s been a cold start to the week and month of February, but warmer air is on the way!

Thursday at a glance

It’s Groundhog Day tomorrow! We’ll see a good amount of sunshine throughout the day. The sun, along with a stronger push of warm south air, will help our high temperatures reach the middle 40s.

Warmer air is on the way!

After maintaining below freezing temperatures since Sunday through the first half of this week, we will finally see a swing in a much more mild direction. Highs improve to 43 degrees on Thursday. We do, however, have another colder day to get through on Friday, where we go 14 degrees below normal. But this weekend certainly looks much warmer than the bitter ending to January we just had.

Colder with flurries Friday

While we do have a warm-up in progress, there is also one day of the week that sticks out the most as being much colder. There is a chance to see early morning snow flurries briefly on Friday. This as a little bit of moisture is present, and able to break through. With high temperatures only expected in the mid 20s that day, it will be cold enough to allow for some flurry activity early in the day.

Indianapolis 7 day forecast

Friday may be chilly, but high temperatures in the 50s are upon us in the week ahead! We will be improving more than 20 degrees into the afternoon high temperatures next Monday and Tuesday compared to last week!