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So far, January has been mild with temperatures averaging more than ten degrees above average. The warmer temperatures have also affected our snow for the season. On the average, January is our snowiest month of the year with 8.6″ of snow. The month has been so warm that we haven’t had measurable snow since December. We’ve had more than enough rain, with 2-4″ falling last week alone.

We’ll see a rain/snow mix develop late Friday. Our mix will change to rain Saturday as we warm into the 40s. Temperatures will fall late Saturday afternoon, so we’ll see another wintry mix before the precipitation ends. Colder air will stay with us for Sunday and Monday, and scattered flurries will continue on both days.

Temperatures have been above average each day this month.

This has been a mild winter so far.

This has been a wet month so far.

We have had three 1″ snows this season.

We haven’t had measurable snow this month.

Lows will be in the 20s overnight.

Highs will be above average on Thursday.

A rain/snow mix will develop late Friday.

Rain is likely Saturday.

A rain/snow mix will be possible late Saturday.