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We round off this weekend with another day in the 60s making it our second day above the mark this month! In fact we have not had a high in the 30s since Black Friday, but that is expected to change tomorrow with a strong cold front pushing through overnight.

Before we get into the start of the week however, we will need to keep an eye on showers and even a few storms overnight. Temperatures are rising with the passage of a warm front and enough energy exists through the atmosphere, especially with cold upper levels, for a few storms. Rumbles of thunder are most likely between 12a-3a with a low, but non-zero chance for a severe storm in Southern Indiana. Rain will exit quickly with the front in the early AM, but temps will plummet to start off the morning.

Despite the mild overnight temps, lows will be in the mid 30s by the start of the morning. It will be partly cloudy through the majority of the daytime without any precipitation. Despite the sunlight, we will only warm a few degrees, unlikely to make it out of the 30s. This is due to a strong northwesterly wind, which will make it feel much colder than the actual temperature. Wind will die down overnight, but temps are expected to fall into the teens.

Cool and dry weather will carry through the middle of the work week with more limited sun. It will feel much more December-like, but may be more enjoyable than the wet conditions that are expected to come later on.