Monday night cold kicks off 64 hours below freezing in central Indiana

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Record low has been broken Tuesday morning with a couple more cold records on the line over the next 24 hours.  The average low this time of year is actually only 37°! (!!!)  It definitely should not be so dramatically cold this early in the season.  Beginning Monday night, we entered a 64-hour-long stretch of below freezing temperatures.  Check on neighbors and make sure all the animals in your life are safe and warm with access to water that won’t be frozen.

The wildest part of this is to think about the fact that the official beginning of winter is more than another month away from today.

The cold front is now sliding into the east coast region and we’re left watching high pressure settle in which will mean a long-lived break from accumulating snow but will also mean cold air is just settling in.  With the blanket of snow on the ground, cold air will have an even easier time sliding into central Indiana.

The high today is more than 30° below normal and could break another nearly hundred-year-old record.  Wind will gust to about 25 mph all afternoon, keeping wind chills extreme.

Another extremely cold start to the morning tomorrow with another chance to break a record low and should be the coldest morning we’ve had in seven months.

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