Your New Year’s resolutions may look different this year; that’s OK

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Many of us will be making resolutions for 2021.

But with the year that has been 2020, it won’t be a surprise that some of our resolutions might look a bit different.

According to consumer finance company Affirm, more than 50% of consumers say they’re moving away from traditional new year’s resolutions like going to the gym more or losing weight;  instead they are focusing on things like having meaningful experiences, spending more time with family, or learning a life skill.

No matter what your goals are, resolutions can be hard to maintain.

Dr. Anne Gilbert, the vice president of virtual behavioral health for IU Health says to give yourself the best chance at sticking to your resolutions, the first thing you need to do is prioritize what you value most coming out of this year, then set an intention about what you want to do. After that, she says it’s crucial that you maintain flexibility.

“Don’t be rigid about it. Don’t say ‘I’m going to call my relatives every day at 5 o’clock’. Your intention may be ‘I want to stay close to all my distant relatives’. How you do that can be flexible and change,” she said.

Dr. Gilbert says part of being flexible is dealing with setbacks and failures. She says the people that are most successful in achieving their goals all have one common trait: Resilience.

“Anytime you set a goal, the chance of you making it in the first try is very little. And you probably didn’t make an ambitious enough goal if you don’t fail a few times. Another famous saying is ‘I failed 7 times, I picked myself up 8’. So, they forgive themselves and they go one step ahead.

After 35 years in psychiatry, Gilbert says she has always believed that all great crises are followed by a walk through a new door. 2020 was a crisis to say the least. A new door awaits.

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