INDIANAPOLIS — Cyber security officials are encouraging Americans to check if their online login credentials were being held, and possibly sold, by a black market trader that was recently raided by the FBI.

Earlier this month, the FBI and Department of Justice announced a major raid and takedown of “Genesis Market,” an organization known for selling stolen usernames and passwords to cyber criminals all over the world.  According to the FBI, Genesis Market had stolen information from more than 80 million accounts from across the globe.  That is, until agents working out of at least 45 FBI field offices conducted “Operation Cookie Monster,” raiding Genesis Market and seizing all that account information.  

Seized information included usernames, passwords, bank account numbers, social media, credentials and more. Over the years, cyber criminals used all that information to hack and hijack accounts all across the internet. 

Now, the feds say it’s a good idea for you to find out if your credentials were among those that were being held, and likely sold, by Genesis Market.  To do that, the FBI recommends using a free website resource called “Have I Been Pwned.”

Have I Been Pwned is a powerful tool that goes beyond a simple Google search.  It scours huge parts of the internet, like the dark web, that most of us never see.  The website has now partnered with the FBI to specifically look for accounts that were held by Genesis Market.  The special page has links for you to follow, enter your email address or username and find out if it was seized from Genesis Market.

If your information does show up in the search, that means a hacker could have it out there somewhere, so you need to start changing your passwords as quickly as you can. 

If you find you were a victim of Genesis Market, you’re asked to email the FBI at