INDIANAPOLIS — As things out at the Indiana State Fair draw to a close during the event’s final week it’s a reminder to try all the food you haven’t yet at the foodie fest of the summer.

When it comes to dairy, whether it’s ice cream, yogurt, grilled cheese or milk… shaken or still, you can get your fill at the state fair’s American Dairy Association of Indiana’s Dairy Bar.

The famous Dairy Bar that looks a whole lot like a dairy barn was built in 1941 and if you haven’t had your daily dose of all things dairy, you’re in luck! In what’s become somewhat of a family tradition, visits to the Dairy Bar put the term, ‘farm to table’ or in this case… ‘farm to fair’ to the test.

“We work for almost 700 dairy farm families and so you’re right… everything is local. And this is kind of our farmers time to showcase everything that they’re proud of doing,” Director of Communications for the American Dairy Association of Indiana Brooke Williams said. “and it really doesn’t get better than this. And, honestly, the best part for us and our farmers is how the Dairy Bar has become such a family tradition. This is the time that you can try everything that you love!”

Stops at the Dairy Bar also may produce “celebrity server” sightings. The CBS4 This Morning crew volunteered for an hour, dishing dairy to dozens of viewers – for a good cause! All items were free for a time with donations made benefitting Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

Not only does the Dairy Bar support this cause but it also serves to fuel the American Dairy Association of Indiana’s promotional campaigns, like “Winners Drink Milk”.

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Indiana consistently ranks in the top 20 nationwide when it comes to milk production in the United States. Williams says the work of the Dairy Bar and the broader goals of the American Dairy Association of Indiana helps keep it that way.