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Nicole Pence is “spring cleaning” your technology by helping you get the most out of your gadgets and gizmos. She’ll cover everything from creating strong passwords to getting your email inbox under control.

Monday – Password Protection

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When it comes to passwords, some of you need an overhaul to keep hackers from getting your personal information. Learn how to use an algorithm to protect your password.

“As soon as somebody gets one of your passwords, and if you keep re-using that password for other things, you have a bulls eye on your back,” said Steven Mark Sachs, professor of Computer Applications Office Technology.

Learn how to become password smart here.

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Tuesday - Organization Apps

Whether you need to organize your photos or create a budget for your family, there are apps you can download to make your life easier. Better yet, all of these apps are FREE!

“Once a year, it is good to take a look at everything on your digital life with your phone. Go through and make sure it is all useful. Check that the apps on your phone can help you simplify things,” said tech expert Ben Linder from AT&T.

We show you 4 apps to spring clean your digital life:

  1. Evernote
  2. Dropbox
  3. Sunrise
  4. Mint

Wednesday - Your Digital Home

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Did you leave your garage door open? The oven on? Do you want your lights to come on when you walk into your home?

Automated technology in your home is easier than you think.

Making your home “smarter” is easier than you think, and it can all be done right from your home.

“It helps turn your house into a toy!” says tech expert Ben Linder with AT&T.

We show you 4 ways to digitize your home:

  1. Digitize your thermostat
  2. Use automated lighting
  3. Track Your Keys
  4. Set Your Alarm
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Thursday - Charging Tips

You don’t want to miss a moment!

Keeping your mobile devices and tablets charged is sometimes hard to do.

Tech expert Ben Linder from AT&T shows us 4 ways to get extra battery life for your phones and tablets:

  1. Battery Back-Ups
  2. Personal Battery Cases, Mophie
  3. Wireless Chargers
  4. Power Saving App, Battery Doctor

“You want to have enough juice in your phone to do the stuff you want throughout the day,” Linder said.

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Friday - Organize Your Inbox

Spring cleaning your life doesn’t just mean clearing out the closet. Do you leave too many emails in your inbox?

We look at 4 ways to organize your inbox:

  1. Email Game
  2. Automatic Gmail filters
  3. Unroll.me
  4. Mailbird

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