Soak away stress with your own custom-blended bath and body products from Bath Junkie at Carmel City Center

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CARMEL– All this month, we have been exploring different places around the city where we can de-stress and focus on our wellness.  So, it’s only fitting that we finish off the month of January with a place that focuses on helping people decompress in the most sacred place of all— their homes.  

At Bath Junkie– located at Carmel City Center— your favorite bath products come with a personal touch. And you call the shots! 

We are soaking away the day in Carmel on this trip In Your Neighborhood.                    

“There’s just something about if you’ve had a long hard day, just getting under that water and having some great aromatherapy and me-time,” said Bath Junkie owner Melissa Farmer.

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When it comes to bath and body products, essential oils, lounge wear and practically anything you need to soak away a long day, Bath Junkie has it all. 

Their vast array of products includes paraben-free moisturizers, exfoliating salt scrubs, spa tub-safe bath crystals, alcohol-free body mist, SLS-free shower gel, pet shampoo, home refreshers and more.

But what makes them unique is that — here — you can customize your own products.

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“You get to design the fragrance combination out of the 200 options we have and then pick a color if you choose to do a color,” Farmer explained. “Then we whip it all up exactly… really you [are] guiding us in making it for you.”

Some of their top-selling products include their body scrubs, lotions, bath bombs and bath salts.

“We have probably 15 different bath salts and bubble baths and things that you can put in the tub,” she said.

“My favorite [is] bubbling bath crystals. It’s this great big chunky sea salt,” Farmer noted. “So, you’re going to get that therapeutic quality that helps relax your muscles and take away aches and pains.

You choose your favorite. Then, make it your own.

Photo credit: Bath Junkie Facebook page

The actual process of mixing your custom concoction is rather quick. For many, the most time-consuming part is just choosing a scent.

“So really it could take 10 minutes, or it could take an hour,” Farmer said with a laugh.

With nearly 200 scent options, endless combinations and even some dupes of iconic department store scents, the decision can certainly be a challenge. But Farmer said they do have a few fan-favorite scents that tends to be real crowd-pleasers.

“Two [of our] single-most favorite fragrances are one we have called oatmeal, milk and honey… And then lavender essential oil is always really popular because it’s so relaxing and therapeutic,” she said. “We have one called Oud Riche that is amazing too…Very unisex. It can go very masculine, but a lot of women love those really unisex fragrances and I do too.”

To complete the experience, nothing says relaxation like some cozy slippers, aromatherapy socks and stylish pajamas by PJ Harlow.

Photo credit: Bath Junkie Facebook page

“We want to have things that we look good in but are also really comfortable too. And they use a lot of satin. Satin pants, satin tops… and then they have some other cozy fabrics in there too. But they are super comfortable, but they look a little glamorous,” said Farmer.

They also have an assortment of lavender filled products: lavender-filled neck pillows, blankets and even stuffed animals that can be warmed up in a microwave or dryer.

“If you do have little ones, bath time is a great way to get them settled and calmed and ready for a good night’s sleep,” she explained. “So, having those things around [like] a little pillow spray of lavender can really just sooth you and get you ready for good night of sleep which is important to our overall health.”

Four Things You Need to Know About Bath Junkie:

  • Melissa Farmer opened Bath Junkie (Located at 741 Hanover Place) at Carmel City Center about 8 years ago. Bath Junkie is known for offering a unique approach to bath and body products— where the customer gets to customize their products by choosing a scent from nearly 200 options, color and even adding personalized labels.
  • In addition to their vast array of personalized bath and body products (and even pet care products), they also have spa robes, spa slippers, slipper socks, soaps, candles, diffusers, sleep masks, balms and more.
  • Bath Junkie doesn’t just cater to women. They have over 200 scent options, including plenty of more masculine and gender-neutral fragrances as well beard oils. They also have a whole array of bath-time products for kids—everything from kids’ bath towels, bubble bath, lavender-filled stuffed animals and more.
  • You can walk in and create your own custom creation, shop online, or even set up a small group event for birthday’s and other get-togethers. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s also a great place to come create a thoughtful gift for someone special. “Taking the time to come in and choose a custom fragrance I think for your partner is really special,” said Farmer. “We’ll put their name on it. You can tell them, ‘I chose these scents just for you.”

For hours and other information about Bath Junkie, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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