INDIANAPOLIS- A new study suggests grocery shopping with kids will cost the average shopper 35% more than shopping alone.

The survey, commissioned by SlickDeals seems to confirm what many parents already know.  The survey of 2,000 shoppers found the average grocery bill of someone shopping for their family alone was $133.  The average bill of a parent who brings their children to the store was $180.

Shopping alone allows adults to look for different things and avoid impulse buys when their child sees something they like on the shelf.  It also lets parents avoid the “bribery” factor.  In the study, nearly 45% of parents admitted to bribing their kids to get them to behave better at the store.  Common bribery items were candy, snacks and toys.

I’ll admit, I’ve done this myself.  I can remember saying, “If I get you this, will you stop asking for everything else?”

While shopping with kids tends to add dollars to the grocery bill, the study shows it’s also a good chance for our children to learn some valuable lessons.  Those can include the value of the dollar, needs versus wants, finding deals, and patience.

It’s worth noting that the study does not address the impact of shopping with one’s spouse.  That could be a whole different story.