Petite G Jewelers designs sparkling legacy as premiere boutique jewelry store for Indy’s fashionable woman

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 INDIANAPOLIS — For over 30 years, G Thrapp Jewelers was a locally owned staple in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. But when the owner decided to retire and close the store in 2015, some worried the neighborhood might lose a bit of sparkle.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case thanks to longtime employee and jewelry expert Dana Friedman, who decided it was time for her to take over the lease and begin her own legacy by slimming things down, changing things up and officially opening Petite G Jewelers almost 5 years ago in a portion of the old space [located at 5609 N. Illinois Street].

Petite G Jewelers owner, Dana Friedman and Burkey, the official Petite G greeter (Photo Credit: Yelp Indy via Petite G Jewelers)

We’re dripping in diamonds, jewels and gemstones on this trip In Your Neighborhood.

“Before the store was a lot different. It was maritime art, very Ralph Lauren appeal,” said Petite G Jewelers owner, Dana Friedman. ”And I wanted to make it feminine…with the chandeliers and more of that feminine boutique style.” 

Photo Credit: Melissa Kaplan

Although the “G” in Petite G Jewelers pays a bit of an homage to its predecessor but make no mistake— Petite G is a completely unique experience. 

“We kept the G and it’s mostly for gem…and for what used to be here but now I let people know it’s for that precious little area that you create these moments and relationships,” Friedman explained. “We’re a relationships store so it’s Petite G for the size and for all the gems we supply to the community.”

From the overall aesthetic to the sparkling inventory in their glass cases, this boutique jewelry shop is also a reflection Friedman’s fashion-driven style. 

Photo Credit: Petite G Jewelers Facebook page

“I always say I like to mix my fine with my fashion,” she explained. “I think you can certainly be dripped in diamonds and be diamond heavy and pearl heavy but it’s also nice to have that little eclectic piece of silver that mixes in nice and maybe pops a little gemstone.”

And while they do feature mens watched, cufflinks, and other jewelry, their fashion-forward focus has cultivated a dominantly female clientele— thanks to being a woman-owned and run shop featuring plenty of women artisans and emphasis on building authentic relationships.

“We’re definitely a women-driven store,” Friedman noted. “We have a couple new staff members and they were like, ‘Okay this is where all the fashionable Indianapolis women come for their jewelry!”

Four Things You Need to Know About Petite G Jewelers:

  • Dana Friedman had worked for G Thrapp Jewelers for 17 years when the owner decided to retire and close the shop. But rather than allow the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood to lose a bit of sparkle, she decided to create her own destiny.  “I thought ‘Gosh, I’d been in other jewelry stores and I didn’t really want to go work for anybody else,” she recalled. “So I thought the next natural step for me to do was to… start it myself.” She slimmed down the old space and officially opened her own fashion-driven boutique jewelry shop— called Petite G Jewelers— almost 5 years ago. 
  • They offer a curated collection in price points from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousands, with an emphasis on fashion jewelry, estate jewelry and European cut diamonds. They are also the go-to shop for in-demand and exclusive lines by Megan Thorn, Zoe Lev, SALT and more. “We have another little surprise line that’s going to come in for 4th quarter that I’m probably not going to release quite yet but certainly look for it on our social media pages,” said Friedman.
  • Petite G offers an array of men’s jewelry, cuff-links and timepieces but Friedman says they are proud to be not only woman-owned and run but the majority of their clientele also tends to be women— especially when it comes to their popular trunk shows and special events. “During our trunk show, it’s probably 90% women and maybe they feel like they have to drag their husband along to get that little stamp of approval we’re definitely a woman-driven store and self-purchaser,” she explained.
  • One thing Friedman made sure to emphasize is how highly they value building authentic relationships with their clients. And the support from those clients and their whole neighborhood helped them not only keep going during the pandemic but they had a record-setting August. ‘I really feel blessed that this community and this neighborhood made sure we stayed busy and that that goes for all of the stores here,” said Friedman. “Our patrons are fantastic and I think that has a lot to do with why our August was so big was because we had our first block party and boy the neighbors just came out and supported us.”

They’ve curated their collections in price points ranging from what she calls “easy self purchases” in the hundreds up into the thousands. And they even encourage their clients to bring in their existing jewelry collection to stylize with pieces from their showroom.

“We’ll help add and mix to see what’s their next piece and what kind of texturing is going to go well with their current collection,” said Friedman.

You can pop in plenty of style thanks to their curated collections from designers like Zoe Lev and an exclusive new line called SALT, based out of Canada.

Photo Credit: Petite G Jewelers Facebook page

“[We’re] the only one in the United States [to carry the line] so we’re pretty proud of that,” she said. “It has those really cool paperclip chains and all the ID and the initials that are really popular that they’re seeing on neck chains and on rings and Cuban link chains and Cuban link rings that are really popular.”

That’s right— Friedman says Cuban link chains are back in style. As well as herringbone chains, multiple ear piercings, and gold. Basically, if it was cool in the 80’s, it’s coming back.

“It’s all cyclical so don’t get rid of your gold because as you know gold has spiked,” she advised.

And if you’re looking for something timeless over trendy for an occasion as special as popping the question, you’ll find an array of sparkling bridal jewelry and estate pieces. 

Photo Credit: Petite G Jewelers Facebook page

“You can order a diamond online— a lot of people do— plug in your numbers, plug in what you want. Everybody’s diamond is going to look the same,” Friedman explained. “But we specialize and carry a lot of the old European cuts. They’re romantic… they look best in dim light and not all the diamonds look the same.”

For a custom creation— as well as repairs and resizing— they’ve got master jeweler Dave Shelley in-house working his magic.

Petite G’s Master Jeweler, Dave Shelley Photo Credit: Petite G Jewelers Facebook page)

For more information about Petite G Jewelers, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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